Choosing Between The DIY Route Or Hiring An Exterminator In Houston

Most homeowners are unfamiliar with cockroach, mice, bedbug, and ant infestation. These pests can be detrimental to one’s physical and mental health, which you may not even know until it is too late. In order to prevent the pests from taking over your entire living environment, you will need to take the necessary steps to combat the problem. Below you will discover the benefits of going the DIY route and hiring an exterminator in Houston, Texas.




Of course, it is almost always cheaper to tackle a pest problem by yourself, than hiring a professional extermination company. The rates will vary from company to company, which means that you may end up spending more, just because you hired a particular company that was not booked up. Many of the fraudsters will lurk around the corner, so they can take advantage of individuals like you.




Another great benefit of taking the DIY is that you will never have to worry about you or your family’s safety. Many extermination companies will not take the time to complete a comprehensive criminal background check on their employees. You can never be sure that the exterminator does not have a history of breaking into residential and commercial establishments.


In this situation, you may feel that you can trust no one, but you and this actually be the case.


Time Consuming 


One downside of taking the DIY route is it can be very time consuming. If you do not have the extra time to spare, then you will be better off to hire an extermination company. The extermination crew will arrive at your home at the designated hour, complete the treatment process, clean up their mess, and exit before you know it. This can actually save your many hours or even days that can be used for more enjoyable adventures.




This is probably your first time dealing with a pest infestation. Your experience will be virtually nonexistent and you may not even know anything about the pest that you are dealing with. Well, an experienced exterminator will know exactly how to approach and treat your infestation. This will definitely beat trying to guess what the next is supposed to be, which could lead you going around in circles.


Fly Traps 


If you are dealing with a fly or mosquito infestation, then you already know how intrusive the pests can genuinely be. You should start by hanging up fly and mosquito traps, but this will only be effective, if you take more drastic measures to eradicate the pests. Traps work will in preventing infestations, but they will only touch a full-blown infestation.


The traps can be very messy to remove and dispose of, so be sure to keep this in mind, when choosing whether or not to utilize them.




There are benefits of taking the DIY route and hiring a professional exterminator in Houston. You will need to take the time to weigh the pros and cons, before you actually make your final selection. If you find yourself not having any knowledge on the pests, treatment options, and pesticides, you will be better off hiring a professional.

An In Depth Overview Of Pest Control Companies

Do you live in the beautiful city of Houston, Texas and discovered that cockroaches or rodents are living inside of your home? If so, you should remain calm, so that you can make the appropriate decisions necessary to eliminate the problem. There are hundreds of reported cases involving rats, mice, and flies within this city, which is why most pest control companies in Houston TX have an exterminator on standby at all times.


Superior Professionalism 


The extermination companies in Texas have taken the steps to ensure their customers that they can relax, while the exterminators are working inside of their home. The extermination crew has undergone a thorough training course, so they are knowledgeable and prepared for any type of infestation. The crew will also act, dress, and perform in a professional manner, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


State Licensure 


The first thing that you should look for as soon as you enter the front doors of the facility is a copy of the company’s licensure. This should be hanging in a frame near the entrance, where every visitor can clearly see it. If you do not spot the licensure, then the company may very well not be licensed at all. This is definitely against the law, because all extermination company must be licensed, in order to treat pests with chemical insecticides.


Bonded Companies 


If possible, you should only hire an extermination company that is bonded. This way you will be fully reimbursed for any damage that occurs inside of your home, plus you may be lucky enough to get your payment reimbursed, as well.


Devising a Plan 


Contrary to thought, all pest infestations are relatively different. The size of the home, severity of the infestation, and type of pest will definitely determine the plan of action. In order to combat the issue in a timely and efficient manner, a plan must be set in place. This should include the treatment, investigation, and other factors relating to the extermination process.


Lowering the Risks of Future Infestations 


Once your home is labeled a pest-free zone, you will want to take the drastic action to prevent a reoccurrence. The only genuine way to do is by signing a 1-year contract with the extermination company. The exterminator will make routine visits to your home to complete a thorough investigation, just to make sure that the pests have not returned.


Always make sure that you keep your home neat and clean. Remove all trash daily, but keep your trash bin as far away from your home, as possible. Rodents, cockroaches, and flies will definitely target these areas, because they offer an unlimited food source. Keep your trash bin lid closed, when not in use, so the pest will have more difficulty trying to gain access into it.




A pest control company located in Houston, TX will definitely offer you a shoulder to lean on during your time of need. Never try to tackle to infestation by yourself, because it will turn into a never ending process.

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