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Tips On How To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Flies – Pest Control Services In Houston TX

Are you dealing with a fly infestation in your home? Most people just think that these things are irritating. Of course, they are irritating, but most people do not know that they carry disease causing bacteria. In fact one single household fly can be carrying around one million bacteria. Now, that is a lot of bacteria on a single fly. Just think about all the things that they touch while they are in your home. They get all over your children and food.

They pick up these bacteria from sitting on garbage and fecal matter. Once you put all this together, it is pretty hard to imagine them flying around spreading these germs all throughout your home. It is time to get rid of them. Below you will learn some tips and information that will help you get rid of these nasty little buggers.

Making an Identification

Before you start charting out a treatment plan, you first need to identify the type of fly that you are dealing with. It can be easy to think that the fly you are suffering from is a common household fly, when it is actually a different type of fly altogether. The reason you have to do this is because different fly species require different treatment. If you are having problems identifying the flies you might have to seek help from pest control Houston, TX.

House Flies

A single female housefly can lay 150 eggs in one batch. Within a couple of days a female housefly will lay five to six bathes of eggs. You can image that this is quite a bit of eggs at a fast rate. It will not take long before you are dealing with a total and complete infestation. The female fly will like to hide out in damp places like garbage and manure. A housefly egg will almost look similar to a grain of rice.

A housefly is capable of living 15 to 30 days depending on the temperature and living conditions of the home. If the home is warmer most of the time them the files are going to develop faster and live longer. While this may not sound like they have a long lifespan you have to think about how many eggs that the female is laying every couple of days. The female’s rapid reproduction rate is going to make up for the short lifespan on the flies.

Using Windex

One great way to start getting rid of flies is by using Windex. Start by spraying the flies with Windex when you see them. This will not only render the fly unable to fly, but it will also clean the area that the fly landed on. Keep in mind that this will not kill the fly, so you will need to transport the fly to the outdoors.

Securing Food 

Make sure that you clean your clean thoroughly and seal any food in plastic containers. You do not want a fly landing on your food. Hide all of your food in your cupboards, if you have to. Hiring a pest control exterminator that provides service to the Houston TX area will be your best option.  pest control Houston, TX.

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