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What To Do If You Are Living With Termites

Was you doing work around your home and discovered a termite nest? If so, it is imperative that you begin searching for a solution to this issue, before it grows into a massive infestation. There are several different types of termites that inhibit American homes, which make it very difficult to determine, which type is invading your home. If you are unfamiliar with these pests, you may need to forget about the DIY route and go ahead and begin searching for professional termites’ exterminator, in Houston, Texas.

The Silent Destroyer 

Termites are unlike other types of pests, in that they work very quietly, keeping their deceptiveness hidden from homeowners. This is why they are often called “silent destroyer”. The only way that you will discover a termite infestation is if you are actually looking for it or just happen upon a nest. Termites are very destructive and can damage a building structure in a very short period of time, since they do not work alone, only in groups.

Cellulose-Based Plant Materials

Termites will only consume materials made out of cellulose. This polysaccharide can be found in trees, bushes, vines, and flowers. Cellulose is basically what gives plants a strong structure. While, termites do not actually have teeth, they are capable of demolishing a wooden structure in a very short period of time. When you are inspecting your home and premises for termites, you should definitely start by looking underneath your home at the foundation. Termites will mostly target dead wooden structures, but they will also target living trees and solid structures.


While the termite will leave massive structure damage in and around your home, they are very tiny in size. They measure around 1 centimeter in length, but they can tear through woody material extremely quickly, leaving homeowners with very costly damage to their property. The queen termite can measure anywhere from 8-10 centimeters. They prefer tropical and subtropical environments, where the weather is mostly humid and hot year around.

Termites have two front and hind wings, so they can fly for very short distances. There are actually 435 different termite species, with many of them having a similar appearance.

Professional Exterminator 

Termites are very hard workers and often build massive tunnels for easier transportation. It is not unusual for these critters to build a tunnel system that will extend from their mound to food sources, so they can extend for miles, if necessary. A skilled exterminator will know exactly how to treat your termite infestation and they also know the importance of acting quickly. The exterminator will do a thorough investigation in and around your home. They will point the problem areas to the homeowners, so they can begin trying to eliminate the moisture problems linked to decaying wood structures.


The homeowner will be responsible for repairing leaky plumbing pipes and faucets, while the exterminator works on eradicating the infestation. Insecticides and fumigation techniques can be utilized to kill the termites on the spot, but this process will only work, if the homeowner is willing to make alterations in and around their home.



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