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Ants are found across the United States meaning more residents are going to encounter them at some point. Since they’re social insects, they’re going to reside in large colonies. While researchers have identified at least 12,000 unique species, some believe there could be 14,000 or more. Ants are easy to spot thanks to their unique appearance. They have a narrow waist and small body that makes it easy for them to squeeze through small holes. Furthermore, ants have elbowed antennas. As mentioned above, ants are social pests. They cooperate when they’re building tunnels and searching for food.

As a result, they’re very effective and tenacious. Deal with the infestation quickly or it will grow larger.

Why Ants Have Invaded A Residence

Have you wondered why ants have invaded your residence? Ultimately, ants want to build nests where they can easily access food. Around your home is a good location. Once they’ve created a colony near your home, they can easily access the food, candy, and scraps from inside. While they prefer living outside, they will enter your home to access food sources. Thanks to their unique appearance, ants can easily squeeze through small gaps. They can enter small holes through window frames, eaves, pipes, and door frames.

The Dangers Linked To Ants

Are you worried about health hazards linked to ant infestations? While ants aren’t particularly dangerous, they can create problems for homeowners. These pests are not dangerous. They’re not going to harm you, your loved ones, or your pets. They will not contaminate your food since they’re not known to carry illnesses. Regardless, getting rid of them quickly is recommended.

Eliminating Ants Around Your Home

Small ants can be a nuisance. They’ll make your skin crawl. Furthermore, they’re going to crawl through your food. Although they won’t spread illnesses, they’re still unsightly. Suffice to say, getting rid of them promptly is recommended. The best solution is to work with a qualified professional. We think we can help you better than anyone else. Our technicians have been dealing with ants for many years so we have the skills and experience needed to rectify the problem swiftly.

Call our office to speak to one of our representatives about our services.

DIY Solutions For Ants

Can you rectify this problem using DIY methods? You may be able to remove the ants from your home using do-it-yourself methods. However, you need to be extremely careful when using these techniques because they can be dangerous. Some rely on dangerous chemicals. Some of these techniques are ineffective too. We think it is best to hire a qualified professional. Doing so is the best way to rectify the problem.

When Can You Begin?

We’re always eager to help our clients. We understand how quickly you want to resolve this problem. When you’re ready to eliminate the ants, call us. We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Safer Ant Treatments

We’re going to do everything we can to provide our clients with safer ant treatments. First, we take precise steps to ensure that our technicians are thoroughly trained. They’ll receive experience until they’re ready to tackle the client’s problem. Furthermore, our technicians only use the safest treatments that have been approved by the EPA. Sleep soundly knowing that your home will be safe for you and your inhabitants. We’ll clean up the mess so you can return to your home without concerns.

Stopping Future Ant Invasions

It isn’t always possible to keep ants out of your home. Nevertheless, it is wise to clean your home thoroughly to reduce the risk that they’re going to enter your residence. If you find large groups of ants around your residence, call us.

Houston TX Residents Need To Use Our Ant Control Solutions

Houston has become one of the hottest real estate markets thanks to many Americans wanting to move there. However, many do not understand that Houston has its own set of unique problems. For instance, there is always a risk that residents are going to experience pest control issues when residing in this area. While Houston is home to a variety of pests, one of the most problematic and common is the ant. Ants seem harmless but they can create a wealth of problems for renters and homeowners.

When a large colony of ants has decided to take shelter in your home, you’ll want to act quickly to get rid of them. Otherwise, they’re going to spread bacteria to your food. This could be dangerous for people who have autoimmune diseases or cancer. We can help by getting rid of the ants at the source.

Identifying The Species

Many homeowners will try to eliminate ants without professional assistance. This may work but it often fails. With that being said, you’ll want to use our services to your benefit. Over-the-counter products are not perfect because they do not consider the ant species that you’re dealing with. This is incredibly important because some species are tougher than others. Before you can solve this problem, you need to know what species you’re dealing with so you will know their weakness. If you’re eager to solve this problem effectively and efficiently, you’ll want to take advantage of our services.

Our professional ant removal services in Houston can save you time, energy, and money.

Treatment On The Same Day

You do not want to sit around and wait for ants to turn your life upside down. You’ll want to take control of your home immediately. This is why you need to use our services. Unlike our competition, we’re going to work hard to clear your home of ants as quickly as possible. If you live in Houston, you’ll love our same-day service. Even during peak seasons, we’ll do our best to get rid of your ants quickly. We’re confident that we’re the best and quickest solution in Houston.

Other Reasons To Choose Us As Your Houston Ant Exterminators

We’re one of the leading Houston ant exterminators for many reasons. Our team is compromised of the best exterminators, customer service representatives, and experts in the field. Furthermore, we offer an array of other benefits.

  • Our firm is locally owned and operated
  • We do our best to give back to the community
  • We’re constantly working to improve our services
  • Our company is licensed and insured for your protection
  • Same-day services are available
  • We offer eco-friendly treatments

Ready To Move?

Despite having an ant farm when you were younger, ants are not toys and they’re not pets. They can turn your life upside down. You need to remedy this problem by eliminating the ants in your home as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is by contacting us. We’re the leading Houston exterminators so we can get rid of your ants quicker than anyone else.

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