Why Houston Residents Rate Our Mosquito Control At The Top

Mosquitoes are flying insects that can make your life miserable. This is especially true when living in mosquito-ridden areas. Mosquitoes survive n blood from humans and animals. Without blood meals, these animals would not survive more than a few days. When large colonies are involved, mosquitoes can be very aggressive. In fact, they are so aggressive that going outdoors is risky for everyone.

Fortunately, there are solutions that have proven to minimize mosquito risks. But, these solutions only work when everyone is on board. With the help of our mosquito control services, the risks even in mosquito-ridden areas are decreased by about 90 percent.

No Vaccines Only Our Mosquito Control

There are some areas in Houston that are notorious for aggressive mosquito colonies. People living in these areas rely on preventive measures to minimize the risks of contracting diseases spread by mosquitoes. We have and will continue partner with Houston residents to ensure their outdoor spaces are mosquito-free. So, they can venture outdoors without fear of being bitten by one or more mosquitoes.

What Is Mosquito Control?

Currently, there is no medication or vaccine approved to prevent mosquito viruses, which is where our mosquito control comes into play. This service is comprised of both preventive and eradication measures to control the mosquito population throughout Houston, Texas.

When the residents of Houston hire us to minimize their mosquito risks, we offer them guarantees. That ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. What is the purpose of a customer satisfaction guarantee? First and foremost, it protects our customers against fraud. While fraud risks are minimal in the Houston extermination industry, the risks are real.

With our customer service guarantee, Houston residents are free to take advantage of our mosquito control service without fear of becoming fraud victims.

How Our Mosquito Control Can Help You

If you reside in or around Houston, you may or may not have a mosquito problem. Even if your home is not located in a high-risk area, you can still take advantage of our service. It can also be combined with other pest preventive measures to increase effectiveness.

Some people living in what are called “mosquito-safe” areas believe mosquito control is unnecessary. This may be true in a few cases but all-in-all, every home in Houston and the surrounding areas could benefit greatly from mosquito control.

Why Hire Us To Control Your Mosquito Population?

We are a locally owned and operated bonded extermination company. We have served thousands of Houston residents and will continue to do so until mosquitoes are no longer a problem. Our mosquito control prices are competitive, affordable, and reasonable. To learn more about this service, we recommend speaking to one of our mosquito experts.

Contact our local Houston office to speak with our experts. Learn more about our mosquito preventatives and extermination techniques. We will walk you through the process to ensure you know exactly how it works. Remember, we back up our mosquito control service. We also offer:

  • Free mosquito in-home inspections
  • Fly control services
  • Bee control services
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Dealing With A Termite Infestation And Hiring A Termite Exterminator

Termites can ruin your home rapidly so you cannot sit around and wait. Doing so will lead to bigger problems in the future. Furthermore, you have to understand that termites are a silent killer. They’re not going to make their presence known. If you suspect your home has termites, you’ll need to look far and wide for them. You’ll need to search your property until you’re positive that your home is infested. Once you’ve done that, you can start fixing the problem. Termites love wood and they’ll eat the wood supporting your home.

Hiring a Houston termite exterminator is the best way to fix this problem.

Do You Have Termites?

Termites are tricky because they can remain hidden for a long time. You may not realize that you have termites until your home has been severely damaged. With this in mind, you need to start looking for problems immediately. For starters, you should begin looking for mud tubes around the wooden beams of your home. It is best to start looking in crawl spaces and attics. You’ll also want to check your window sills. Do you notice any discarded wings?

Next, you’ll want to check the wooden beams in your home. Knock on them. Do they sound hallow? If so, you might be dealing with a termite infestation. Houston residents who have termites in their homes should contact us as soon as possible.

Removing Termites From Your Home

You cannot let termites linger in your home. They’re going to ruin your property and your life. With this in mind, you cannot let this problem linger. Termites are going to eat the wood in and around your home. They’re destructive and work quickly to ruin your life. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to get rid of termites. You can use natural or chemical solutions. If you prefer natural methods, you should visit a local garden store. Purchase nematodes because they can help get rid of the termites in your home.

You should use these worms immediately after getting them home. Don’t wait because UV light can kill them. You can also use cardboard traps to kill termites. Finally, you should try exposing termites to sunlight. This will eliminate the termites from your home quickly and conveniently. If you have a piece of furniture that has been infested with termites, you’ll want to set it outside in the sun to get rid of them.

Then, you can take the furniture back inside and you’ll be good to go.

Professional Exterminators

Dealing with termites can be difficult but you can do it. For the best results, you’ll want to skip the DIY treatments and hire a professional. This ensures that you’re able to get satisfactory results quickly and conveniently. Our company offers professional termite extermination services in and around Houston. We’re ready to begin helping you immediately and our prices are unbeatable. We offer safe solutions and eco-friendly options. Do not hesitate to contact us today because we can help you get rid of your termites quickly.

What You Should Know About Our Rat Infestation Control Services In Houston

Over the years, countless Houston residents have been bothered by rats. This problem is one of the worst you could face. Rats are very dangerous since they transmit numerous diseases. This is a proven fact that you cannot ignore. Once you’ve confirmed that your home is being overrun by rats, you need to step up and deal with this problem. Otherwise, the mice and rats in your home are going to turn your life upside down. Even worse, there is a risk that they’re going to ruin your property and infect you with a dangerous disease.

You need to prevent this from happening by working with a qualified pest control company in Houston.

Finding A Rat Infestation

Rat infestations are not always difficult to pinpoint. With this in mind, you need to be ready for anything. When you’re dealing with rats, the problem could be hidden for many months. The rats may be hidden behind walls or in your attic. Rats are clever so they’re going to stay hidden until you aren’t around. However, there is a chance that you’re going to spot rats in your home. If you do, you’ll know for certain that you’re dealing with a rat infestation. Do not delay since this could give rats time to reproduce.

Furthermore, you’ll want to check your home for rat droppings and grease marks. You can also search for signs that rats have been chewing your belongings. Have you found bite marks on wood or plastic items in your home? If so, you can guarantee that you’re dealing with a rat infestation. It is time to contact us. We’re able to get rid of rat infestations in Houston quicker than anyone else. Contact us so we can remedy the problem quickly.

Locations Where Rats Hide

Rats prefer hiding in homes. Therefore, you may not see them. Rats like hiding in walls, ceilings, crawlspaces, and basements. You’ll want to check these locations carefully to determine if your home has been infested with rats. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re dealing with a rat infestation, you’ll want to call our Houston pest control experts.

How To Rid Your Home Of Rats

Rat infestations are far more common than you could ever imagine. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these problems, you’ll know how to prevent rats from entering your home. For instance, you should know that rats are attracted to trash and garbage. They’ll enter your home if you don’t keep it clean. You may have fruit-growing trees on your property. This could create a problem too. If you have dogs, you need to clean up their accidents immediately.

Rats love dog droppings so pick them up.

Removing Rats From Your Home

When it comes to getting rid of rats, you’ll find that your options are plentiful. However, some techniques are better than others. For instance, you should avoid DIY treatments because they could cost more than they’re worth. Instead, you’ll want to call us. We offer cost-effective, reliable solutions that you’ll love. We can help residents in and around Houston deal with their rat infestations.

Our Cockroach Control – Defeating Cockroaches One Infestation At A Time

Cockroaches are some of the most disgusting insects, especially when they are living in residential settings. While a few cockroaches do not seem like a big deal, it only takes a few to turn a home into a severely infested environments. As a Houston homeowner, it is important to know as much about cockroach infestations as possible because no home is 100% safe. Even if you reside in a rural area, cockroaches can make their way to your home through various modes of transportation. Being aware of the potential risks will definitely play in your favor if ever you are left dealing with an infestation. Pest Control Houston

But, do not fret, our cockroach control is available to all Houston residents. Our cockroach control consists of both cockroach prevention and eradication techniques. Learn more by reading the article in its entirety.

Cockroach Characteristics

Cockroaches grow in different sizes. Depending on the type and location, a cockroach can grow up to three inches in length. Fortunately, most cockroaches do not get bigger than two inches in length. But, it is still enough to make the hair stand up on end, encountering a colony of cockroaches in your home.

There are approximately 4,600 species of cockroaches found all around the globe. Most of the cockroach species share some of the same characteristics. These characteristics include size, which is about 16th of an inch in width, brown coloring, and wingless. It also includes behavior, as most cockroach species tend to avoid lighted areas and utilize small crevices and cracks to gain entrance into buildings.

Why Cockroaches Targeted Your Houston Home?

If you discover cockroaches in your home, there is a reason for it. The reason is probably related to an unaware invitation. It could also be related to available food and water sources. If your home offers cockroaches what is needed to survive, you can guarantee that it will become a target.

This is where our cockroach control services come into play. Our services educate the people of Houston about cockroach infestations. It offers home and business owners the tools needed to minimize their risk of bed bug infestations. It also offers the tools needed to eradicate bed bug infestations. Our exterminators will gladly work with you to turn your home into a powerhouse that will be fully protected from cockroaches.

How The Homeowner Can Help?

Some homeowners are under the impression that cockroach eradication and prevention is the exterminator’s responsibility. While this is partially the case, the homeowner must be on board with our cockroach control program. This basically means that the customer must be willing to make a few changes in their living habits for our cockroach control services to work. Two particular living changes have to do with edible waste disposal and water storage.

Hire Us To Strengthen Your Cockroach Preventive Measures

Our cockroach exterminators are ready to take on your cockroach problems. If you are not dealing with a cockroach infestation, we can help strengthen your existing cockroach infestation preventive measures. Our fees are affordable and doable for all Houston consumers. Contact us today to schedule an in-home cockroach inspection.

How Exterminators Can Help With Your Ant Problems

Ants might make one of the most creative and exciting pets, but you’d be surprised at just how destructive they can be. Look at the way they burrow through the sand and dirt, as you watch in amazement behind the plastic or glass screen. Well, they can burrow in your yard and home with the same ferocity. Ants are pretty intelligent as well and have a propensity for knowing how to effectively get in any home or location. Combine this with the fact that most people don’t even know how to identify specific species, and it makes the situation all that more troubling. If you are dealing with ants, you are likely dealing with the carpenter or sugar ant. Regardless of the species or the infestation, we are here to help.

Prevention Is Key

If you are suffering from an infestation, it is already too late for preventive measures this time. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t always the potential for a second infestation. Being located in the Houston area, your chances are far greater than others for another occurrence. That being said, this is where our business and services stand out. We will help you rid your home of your current infestation, but we will also help you safeguard your home against future infestations. Safeguarding your home to prevent future infestations will save you financially while also making you a more informed homeowner. The preventive measures for deterring ants can also be applied to other insects.

It all starts with a good, clean home. Always make sure that your home is clean and free of dirt and debris

Always clean after meals and guests. You don’t have to go full-blown spring cleaning, but sweeping away crumbs is essential

Never leave dirty dishes or trash out. Make sure you are cleaning every dish after a meal or snack while also emptying the trash every day.

Finding The Nest

It doesn’t matter what species you are dealing with or how big the infestation is, if you want to eliminate it completely and fully, you are going to need to locate that ant nest or hive. Remove as many stragglers as you want, but you won’t do any good towards your overall efforts if you don’t know where the nest is. Luckily, locating and eliminating that nest might be easier than you imagine. While this is not always the case, it is a true possibility. You can start by sitting out crumbs and following the ant as the creature transports the food back. You can even use poison so that the creature unintentionally poisons its family.

When That Doesn’t Work

Sometimes locating and remove the nest in the home isn’t enough. You might have a huge infestation in the yard that keeps bringing in other critters. While you will need to eventually eliminate the nests in the yard in a similar manner, you’ll want to deter entry into the home in the meantime. One of the best ways to do this is by spreading lemon juice or cayenne pepper on any of the potential openings into the home. Heck, you can coat the entire perimeter if you want to just e extra cautious.

Hiring A Professional

When it comes right down to it, hiring a professional ant extermination company is the way to go. And, this is because you get a guarantee. A money-back guarantee that says if you’re not satisfied with the services provided, you will get a refund. In addition to this, you’ll also get a warranty that covers the quality of the work for an extended period of time. Just remember, not all companies offer these things. Look for ones that do!

How To Keep Your Home Free Of Fleas And Spiders With A Houston Contractor

Spiders are some of the creatures on the planet. In their natural habitat, these arachnids help control the insect population. Out of their natural habitats, spiders are nerve-wraking and difficult to deal with. Some people are so grossed out by spiders that they cannot even approach them without getting goose pimples. Regardless of your fear of spiders, you did not invite them into your home. But, here they are, so what is the solution?

Unfortunately, you did not think about the possibility of a spider infestation before now. If you did, you would not be dealing with one now. On the upside, we offer some of the best professional spider control services in Houston. What is spider control? How can spider control help prevent and eradicate full-blown infestations? Find the answers to these questions and much more in the article below.

Prevention Of Spider Infestations

It should never reach the point of a full-blown infestation. With the help of our spider control service, humans can leave without concern of a spider infestation. This service combines public awareness, education, and prevention methods to eliminate the risk of a spider infestation. If you are like most people, you do not want to be 10 feet of spiders, let alone living under the same roof with a house full of spiders.

Our spider control service is guaranteed to prevent knock out infestations before they have a chance to start. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies to fight spider infestations. But, we need your help to make this possible. How can you help our licensed exterminators keep your home spider-free? By doing the following:

  • Eliminate all potential food sources
  • Eliminate all potential entrance ways into the home
  • Get educated
  • Know your risks
  • Know the signs
  • Know the target areas
  • Take advantage of our spider control services

If you heed to the aforementioned recommendations, your home will remain spider-free for as long as you live in it. No one dislikes spiders more than the next person. With our help, you will never encounter one of these wiggly creatures in your home.

Our Flea Control Services – Recommended For Home With Pets

Speaking of unruly insects, flea infestations are a common problem for homes with pets. These tiny insects are not as unnerving as spiders but they will make your family and pets’ lives miserable if you let them.

Our flea control service combines multiple extermination methods to prevent infestations. The service begins with education. Our exterminators have a combined 20 years or more of flea control experience. When you take advantage of our flea control service, a licensed exterminator will be dispatched out to your home.

The first step involves flea education. We offer both oral and written information to ensure you and your family know everything about fleas. We touch on various topics, including:

  • Flea characteristics
  • Disease transmission
  • Signs of a flea infestation
  • Flea control for pets

From here, the exterminator will work with you to turn your home into a flea-safe zone for every member of your household, including pets. Our goal is to help spread the word about flea infestations.

To ensure the highest level of effectiveness, every member of the household must be on board. A licensed exterminator will work with you throughout the process. You will continue to learn about fleas and how to prevent flea infestations.

Every step of the process will depend on your response. We provide the resources to help our customers maintain flea-free homes.

Why Hire Us!

Our flea and spider control services are ranked number one in Houston. Over the years, we have partnered with thousands of homeowners, the local EPA, and the health department to raise public awareness for flea and spider infestations. Our prices are competitive and services are accessible to all Houston residents. Contact us today to learn more about our flea and spider control services.

What To Do If You Are Living With Termites

Was you doing work around your home and discovered a termite nest? If so, it is imperative that you begin searching for a solution to this issue, before it grows into a massive infestation. There are several different types of termites that inhibit American homes, which make it very difficult to determine, which type is invading your home. If you are unfamiliar with these pests, you may need to forget about the DIY route and go ahead and begin searching for professional termites’ exterminator, in Houston, Texas.

The Silent Destroyer 

Termites are unlike other types of pests, in that they work very quietly, keeping their deceptiveness hidden from homeowners. This is why they are often called “silent destroyer”. The only way that you will discover a termite infestation is if you are actually looking for it or just happen upon a nest. Termites are very destructive and can damage a building structure in a very short period of time, since they do not work alone, only in groups.

Cellulose-Based Plant Materials

Termites will only consume materials made out of cellulose. This polysaccharide can be found in trees, bushes, vines, and flowers. Cellulose is basically what gives plants a strong structure. While, termites do not actually have teeth, they are capable of demolishing a wooden structure in a very short period of time. When you are inspecting your home and premises for termites, you should definitely start by looking underneath your home at the foundation. Termites will mostly target dead wooden structures, but they will also target living trees and solid structures.


While the termite will leave massive structure damage in and around your home, they are very tiny in size. They measure around 1 centimeter in length, but they can tear through woody material extremely quickly, leaving homeowners with very costly damage to their property. The queen termite can measure anywhere from 8-10 centimeters. They prefer tropical and subtropical environments, where the weather is mostly humid and hot year around.

Termites have two front and hind wings, so they can fly for very short distances. There are actually 435 different termite species, with many of them having a similar appearance.

Professional Exterminator 

Termites are very hard workers and often build massive tunnels for easier transportation. It is not unusual for these critters to build a tunnel system that will extend from their mound to food sources, so they can extend for miles, if necessary. A skilled exterminator will know exactly how to treat your termite infestation and they also know the importance of acting quickly. The exterminator will do a thorough investigation in and around your home. They will point the problem areas to the homeowners, so they can begin trying to eliminate the moisture problems linked to decaying wood structures.


The homeowner will be responsible for repairing leaky plumbing pipes and faucets, while the exterminator works on eradicating the infestation. Insecticides and fumigation techniques can be utilized to kill the termites on the spot, but this process will only work, if the homeowner is willing to make alterations in and around their home.



Exploring The Enormous Benefits Of Hiring A Termite Exterminator

As a homeowner, you need to keep your home clean, tidy and shiny. Unfortunately, there can be problems lurking beneath the surface that you’re not totally aware of. This is especially true, when it comes to termites. These hideous creatures are capable of doing extensive damage to any building’s wooden structure. As soon as you expect a termite problem, it is truly imperative to seek out the best termite exterminator Houston has to offer and enlist their services right away. Some homeowners will look at the costs and steer clear of a professional. This is ultimately a mistake and will only lead to future heartache. Below, you’ll learn why this is true.


Professional Vs. DIY


First and foremost, you have two options, when attempting to eradicate termites. It is possible to purchase over-the-counter solutions, which may or may not be effective. Although many homeowners will take on this responsibility and attempt to treat their own homes, this can very problematic. First, the chemicals used could be dangerous and harmful to your health! Second, these products might not be effective. This is compounded, by the fact that termites are capable of hiding for extensive period of time. You may never know if the DIY treatment worked, until it is too late and the termites have returned.




Attempting to identify a termite infestation can actually be daunting and very difficult. In fact, many homeowners won’t know about the problem, until they physically spot a nest. On the flipside, professionals will be able to identify an infestation much more rapidly. As soon as you suspect a problem, you should give one of these companies a call. They’ll be able to help you rectify the problem much quicker, so less damage is done to your home.


Additional Peace Of Mind


Again, it is possible to eliminate termites on your own, but the effectiveness of DIY methods remains in question. Homeowners should understand the paramount importance of peace of mind. Without it, you’ll have a lot of difficulty attempting to sleep at night. Utilizing the services of a professional might be a little more costly, but you can guarantee they’ll take care of the problem! Therefore, if you desire peace of mind, you should call a professional.


Time Saving


As a hard working American, you should understand that your time is greatly restricted. A little additional free time would be excellent every so often. Unfortunately, most modern workers have very little to spare. If you fit into this category, you’ll understand how difficult it will be to perform the treatment on your own. This is why many people will opt for a professional. By hiring one of the top exterminators in Houston, you’ll be able to keep your time, relax and just wait it out.




Although the initial price might scare you away, you should rethink this decision. The benefits of hiring a professional are enormous and can help to make the expenses more than justifiable. If you desire peace of mind, convenience and reliability, you should definitely utilize the services of a professional!

Termite Inspection Companies – What You Need To Know

Houston Texas is truly one of the most amazing cities in the entire country. Unfortunately, even the best cities in the country can be hit with problems from time to time. As a homeowner, you’ve most likely heard about the nightmarish scenario of a termite infestation. These bugs may not be detrimental to your health, but they can be immensely destructive to your home and your wallet! Once you’ve identified a problem, you’ll want to take action. Unfortunately, identifying termites can be thoroughly complicated. Utilizing the services of a Houston termite inspection technician is recommended. Below, you’ll learn more.


Termite Prevention


As someone, who owns a home, you should do your best to prevent an infestation before it occurs. With termites, this is actually easier said than done. In fact, it is truly impossible to eliminate the potential for an infestation. Even if you put a hundred measures in place, an infestation could still occur. Still, you will find some tips below to prevent termites from infiltrating your home.


  • Inspect your home for cracks and holes
  • Fill in all of these cracks
  • Keep large piles of wood away from your home
  • Carefully inspect your home for signs of infestation regularly


Although an infestation may still occur, these practices can help you put up a fight, while also giving you the ability to identify the bugs quicker.


Termite Detection

Many people might not realize it, but termites are ecologically beneficial because, they can add nutrients to the soil. However, this same behavior can be very hazardous to a home. Due to the fact that termites like to feed on wood, they are capable of demolishing the structure of a home. This is why it is important that you are able to detect termites, before they do major damage. Below, you will learn information about how you can detect these critters.


A termite will look like a flying ant, except for the fact that termites have two equally sized wings. It is a good ideal to keep an eye out for these little critters. It is possible that they could be spotted in or around the home. If you spot these guys, you need to contact a termite specialist immediately.


Termite Damage


As mentioned above, termites can be downright destructive. In fact, a moderate colony can consume as much as sixteen grams of food each and every day! When doing the math, you will find that a single colony will eat nearly thirteen pounds of food each year. Although the damage will be spread throughout your home, these critters will target your home’s wooden foundation. If you’re not careful and do not take action, the termite damage will continue to compound year after year. After an extensive period of time, your home’s structure will no longer be stable and your home may no longer be safe. To make matters even worse, colonies become much more difficult to eliminate, if you allow them to linger.


By remaining your home for a longer period of time, the bugs will become more established. This is why the top Houston termite control companies recommend eliminating the bugs rapidly!




At the end of the day, prevention is helpful, but it may not be entirely effective. Instead, you will want to learn about Houston’s array of termite inspection and control providers. These groups will be able to deliver the results that you require, so you can regain your home and your peace of mind.


Pest Control Houston King
600 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002
(281) 238-5509



Tips On How To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Flies – Pest Control Services In Houston TX

Are you dealing with a fly infestation in your home? Most people just think that these things are irritating. Of course, they are irritating, but most people do not know that they carry disease causing bacteria. In fact one single household fly can be carrying around one million bacteria. Now, that is a lot of bacteria on a single fly. Just think about all the things that they touch while they are in your home. They get all over your children and food.

They pick up these bacteria from sitting on garbage and fecal matter. Once you put all this together, it is pretty hard to imagine them flying around spreading these germs all throughout your home. It is time to get rid of them. Below you will learn some tips and information that will help you get rid of these nasty little buggers.

Making an Identification

Before you start charting out a treatment plan, you first need to identify the type of fly that you are dealing with. It can be easy to think that the fly you are suffering from is a common household fly, when it is actually a different type of fly altogether. The reason you have to do this is because different fly species require different treatment. If you are having problems identifying the flies you might have to seek help from pest control Houston, TX.

House Flies

A single female housefly can lay 150 eggs in one batch. Within a couple of days a female housefly will lay five to six bathes of eggs. You can image that this is quite a bit of eggs at a fast rate. It will not take long before you are dealing with a total and complete infestation. The female fly will like to hide out in damp places like garbage and manure. A housefly egg will almost look similar to a grain of rice.

A housefly is capable of living 15 to 30 days depending on the temperature and living conditions of the home. If the home is warmer most of the time them the files are going to develop faster and live longer. While this may not sound like they have a long lifespan you have to think about how many eggs that the female is laying every couple of days. The female’s rapid reproduction rate is going to make up for the short lifespan on the flies.

Using Windex

One great way to start getting rid of flies is by using Windex. Start by spraying the flies with Windex when you see them. This will not only render the fly unable to fly, but it will also clean the area that the fly landed on. Keep in mind that this will not kill the fly, so you will need to transport the fly to the outdoors.

Securing Food 

Make sure that you clean your clean thoroughly and seal any food in plastic containers. You do not want a fly landing on your food. Hide all of your food in your cupboards, if you have to. Hiring a pest control exterminator that provides service to the Houston TX area will be your best option.  pest control Houston, TX.