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What Scent Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsRegardless of your housecleaning regimen, bed bugs are always going to be a risk. Yes, it is unfortunate that everyone has risks when it comes to the “Cimex lectularius,” household bed bug. There is another species of bed bug that is only known in tropical climates. The “Cimex hemipterus,” tropical bed bug, and household bed bug share many of the same features. Both species have oval-shaped bodies that are dark brown in color until feeding, at which time, it turns a dark red. While everyone can encounter a bed bug at any moment, some people have a higher risk than others. The tourist, college dorm tenant, and homeless shelter patron are just a few examples. Hotels, motels, inns, college dorms, and homeless shelters are known to target bed bugs. These establishments are revolving doors for the general public, which is why they are high for bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Repellant

It is not always possible to avoid a bed bug encounter. However, it is possible to keep the parasites at bay during the encounter. Most victims of bed bugs are not even aware of when the encounter occurred. With a quality repellant, the bed bugs will come nowhere near you. Of course, it will need to be the right type of repellant, as many are not universal. In other words, repellants are not effective for all insect species. According to a study conducted by researchers, Changlu Wang and Andrew Li, essential oils have proven to be an effective bed bug deterrent. The study reveals that some essential oils are more effective as a bed bug repellant than against other insect species. People who strive to keep a low carbon footprint will be interested in knowing this factual tidbit. Wang and Li categorize effective essential oil bed bug repellents as “green insecticides.” These eco-friendly bed bug deterrents include silicone essential oil and paraffin essential oil. Now, the question, just how effective are these “green insecticides.” According to the researchers a solution of 1 part water and three parts silicone oil is 92 percent effective against bed bug eradication. Paraffin oil does not mix as well with water. So, the percentage of effectiveness is slightly lower. However, both essential oils can help humans safeguard against bed bugs. If you are interested in eco-friendly essential oil bed bug deterrents, you can utilize silicone and paraffin. You can also conduct your own research by adding three parts of any essential oil to 1 part of water.

Bed Bug Natural Pheromone (Deterrent)

Did you know the bed bug has glands that generate a pheromone that acts as a bed bug deterrent? Bed bug nymphs utilize their unique pheromone to deter adult male bed bugs from trying to mate with them. The pheromone is ineffective against adult females, which are not a threat to nymphs. When the adult males detect the natural pheromone, they are immediately deterred from invading the young nymphs’ nest.


Bed bugs target public facilities, such as resorts, spas, children’s daycares, homeless shelters, university dorms, hospitals, skilled nursing homes, and rental cabins.

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