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Since the earth has been inhabited, mosquitoes have been a problem. While pest management methods and techniques have improved far beyond expectations, mosquitoes will, unfortunately, continue to be a problem.

When you throw in the fact that these buzzing parasites are more than just a nuisance, the situation becomes extremely troubling. As a matter of fact, mosquitoes have been responsible for transmitting some of the world’s most dangerous and deadliest diseases. Ever heard of Malaria? What about Yellow Fever, Dengue, Encephalitis, or the infamous West Nile Virus?

The Solution We Offer

All it takes is one mosquito feeding on a dead animal infected with germs and diseases. That one mosquito can infect hundreds of people in a matter of mere days. Thousands within weeks. Although these diseases are spread through blood interaction, these numbers don’t account for the potential human-to-human spread.

With all that in mind, our professional pest professionals have been battling these irksome creatures for nearly 30 years. Although they’ve proven a formidable foe, we’ve developed several successful specialized integrated pest management plans for various situations. Whether you are battling mosquitoes around your residential home, place of business, or industrial territory, we offer mosquito solutions for your needs.

Our Specialized Mosquito Programs Laid Out

If you suspect or know you have a mosquito problem on your hands give us a call and we’ll immediately get to work devising a specific strategy for your problem. Here’s a typical layout.

  • Upon calling our offices we’ll schedule a specific time to get an investigator out to your property
  • When arriving at the property our investigator will identify and rate the problem
  • While scouring your property, he’ll identify where the problem lies, potential breeding grounds, structural deficiencies, and what’s attracting the bloodsuckers
  • After pinpointing potential problems our investigator will layout and define a strategy to attack your problem
  • This will be presented to you, and we’ll schedule a time for someone to return and administer treatment

As a reminder, some infestations might require multiple visits along with multiple treatments. It depends on the depth of the infestation and other circumstances. Our offices always offer follow-up visits where someone will return to the property just to ensure that the problem has been successfully resolved.

Give our local office a call today or get in touch with us online and we’ll schedule your free consultation at your most convenient time. When dealing with our pest solution professionals, you can always depend on reliable, professional, and trustworthy assessments.

Our Mosquito Control – The Solution To Preventing Houston TX Mosquito Infestations

Is this your first, second, or third time dealing with a mosquito infestation? No matter how many times you have dealt with a mosquito infestation, once is too much. Thanks to government ads, mosquito infestations are becoming common knowledge to both home and business owners. This type of pest infestation is one of the worst because it involves tiny insects that are capable of spreading diseases to humans and animals.

If this is your first mosquito infestation, you probably do not know what’s the best course of action. If this is your second or third mosquito infestation, you know something went wrong somewhere along the line. The key to preventing and eradicating mild, moderate, and severe mosquito infestations in a few hours is our mosquito control. What is mosquito control? Does it really work? Is it the right course of action for me and my family?

Our Mosquito Control – Preventing Mosquito Infestations Before They Occur

Mosquito infestations are very common in some Houston areas. Unfortunately, these areas are always targeted by mosquitoes. If you reside in one of the targeted areas, you must be prepared for the inevitable. But, thanks to our mosquito control services, targeted areas are becoming less targeted by these dedicated insects.

Mosquitoes are known to spread dangerous viruses to humans. These conditions include the West Nile virus, Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, Easter equine encephalitis, and yellow fever. These insects also spread diseases to animals. One particular disease comes to mind when speaking of canines and mosquitoes. This disease is known as heart worms.

What Is Mosquito Control And How It Can Protect You, Your Family And Home?

Our mosquito control program is designed to help home and business owners in targeted areas to minimize their risk of infestations. We combine several mosquito infestation preventive measures to ensure positive results, even in targeted areas.

If you reside in a mosquito-ridden area, you know these insects can make life unbearable. There is no venturing outdoors during the mosquito season. Even when the weather permits, mosquitoes are relentless.

We partner with our local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the health department to manage the mosquito population in Houston. While the EPA is bringing public awareness to the Houston mosquito problem, our mosquito exterminators are working alongside residents to help them enjoy the outdoors without mosquito-interference.

Our Other Pest Control Services – Why Choose Us?

As one of the top pest control companies in Houston, Texas, we work long and hard to keep the residents happy and healthy. There are way too many benefits of our mosquito control services to mention them all. But, we can mention a few off the top. These include:

  • Our exterminators are licensed with the state of Texas
  • We offer emergency, appointment, and same-day mosquito control services
  • Our mosquito control service prices are competitive, affordable, and reasonable
  • We work extended hours to keep up with the demand
  • Our company is insured and bonded
  • We are locally owned and operated

There is much reason to hire our company. If you don’t believe us, you can ask the people of Houston. We will work around your schedule to get the job done right the first go-round. We offer free quotes, mosquito education, and professional references.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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