Residential Pest Control

Our professional pest management is designed specifically to target residential establishments:

Some pest species target residential establishments because their offer the vital essentials to survive. Food, water, and shelter are all three important insect essentials. Some pests are on the lookout for an easy access point into homes year-round while others work around a 6-month period. Overwintering pest species are just one example. These species hibernate for three or four months and mate for another month or so. Before winter is set to kickoff, overwintering pests work overtime invading homes.

Our Residential Pest Management

Residential pest control targets rodents and insects, such as rats, fleas, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, spiders, mice, box elder bugs, stinkbugs, and ants. We utilize custom treatments, offering 100 percent eradication of solitary and social insects.

Green Pest Control

The environment is important to our pest control company. We believe humans need an environment without harmful chemicals. Our green pest management program is eco-friendly. It combines treatments like organic pesticides and adhesive traps to treat all pest infestations. With these treatments combined with regular home inspections, our technicians can wipe out a rodent or insect colony in less than three or four home visits.

Our Pest Inspection Process

The most effective way to approach any pest problem is a visual home inspection. Our pest inspection assesses every square inch of the client’s property. We dispatch a certified pest control technician to the client’s home to perform the inspection.

If the client requests an inspection of their home, it is likely someone spotted a pest. The inspection speaks with the client briefly to gather data before the inspection is implemented. The goal is to target the problem area, working outward until the entire property has been thoroughly assessed.

A bed bug inspection generally begins in the impacted bedroom while a cockroach inspection is implemented in the kitchen. This is an effort to complete the inspection process in a timely manner.

DIY Or Professional Pest Control

When a pest sighting is reported by a member of the household, it must be decided right then and there how to move forward. The first thing that may come to mind is over-the-counter pesticides. This is only natural because standard-grade pest control products are easily accessible. Big-box, hardware, home & garden, and some retail stores offer a selection of pesticides, traps, and insecticides.

Are over-the-counter pest control products effective? They can be when implemented promptly. However, DIY pesticides are not designed to target all pest species. One brand may be effective against fleas and ticks, but nothing else. Another brand may target cockroaches and ants. If your pest is a bed bug, termite, or rat, you will need a different type of pesticide. When you consider this factual tidbit, it would be possible to spend $100 easily on a futile attempt to eradicate the culprit.

Professional pest management targets each species individually. By utilizing custom treatments, our technicians can eradicate any pest species more effectively and efficiently. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to help families regain control of their homes after a pest infestation.

Professional Pest Removal From Residential Establishments

If this is your first time dealing with pests, you are in for a rude awakening. When some people spot pests in their homes, they shrug it off. A single pest seems harmless, right? Well, it may be harmless, but have you ever considered the fact that all pests reproduce? A single cockroach can lay up to 50 eggs every six weeks. A single rat, on the other hand, can give birth to as many as 10 babies, seven times a year. This is where a single pest sighting can go array.

If left untreated, other pests will be spotted all over your home. Knowing you are sharing a home with rodents or pests can be quite unnerving. Our pest control team can help you ensure that it never comes to this point. With an inspection, our technicians can pinpoint the problem areas. Through data gathered during the inspection, an effective treatment strategy can be drawn up. Once implemented, fewer pest sightings will be reported until there are no more.

Victims of pest infestation have reported severe stress, resulting in anxiety and depression. There is no doubt, that some pest species are worst than others. However, they all have the same needs – food, water, and shelter. Not all species of insects invade homes. One example is the wood roach, which is known to hang around decaying firewood and lumber. Bees also do not invade homes, but they still invade residential properties. They build nests in the ground, trees, decks, porches, birdhouses, sheds, and eaves.

What Is The Most Effective Pest Control Treatment?

It cannot be stressed enough, that the treatment depends on the pest species, the severity of the problem, if an infestation is present, and the client’s preferences. The first step of the professional pest control process is to identify the culprit. This is done through a visual assessment of the impacted area. Contrary to belief, your entire home may not be impacted just because someone reported a pest sighting.

During the early phases of the invasion, the pests are most likely isolated in only one room of the home. Take, for instance, the bed bug which is notorious for targeting bedrooms. As long as there is a living, breathing host, the bed bugs will stay isolated in the bedroom. As the colony continues to grow, the bed bugs will be pushed out into other areas of the home. Since the species needs a living host to survive, they will probably target another bedroom. Does this mean, the bed bugs are going to target another bedroom? No, it just means they will be on the lookout for a new host if the colony grows so large, that the primary host becomes inefficient.

Benefits Of Our Pest Management Program

  • Time-efficient results
  • Customized for individual pest infestations
  • Flexible (a prevention plan can be added later on down the road)
  • Includes treatment and home inspections
  • Accessible

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