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As a homeowner, you should understand that your home is only as good as its foundation and structure. You can add innumerable decorative items to the inside and outside of your home, but it won’t matter a bit, if your home’s structure is wobbly and unstable. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems, which can lead directly to structural damage. The worst is likely the termite. These pesky bugs cannot be tolerated, as the damage they’ll do your home is extensive and will lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage. Identifying termites can be very difficulty and this must be completed, before the treatment process can begin.


Rest assured knowing you’re found a reliable solution for your termite inspection in Houston. We’ll be able to help you rectify your problem quickly, so your home’s foundation remains stable and safe. First, it is wise to learn about these bugs, so you’ll have a better idea how to identify them and how they behave. Below, you’ll learn more about termites.


  • Within the United States, there are approximately forty-five known species of termites. Throughout the world, the number jumps to twenty-three hundred.
  • Termites are very similar to ants. They live within colonies and each termite has a specific task to carry out.
  • The majority of termites are blind. This includes worker and soldier termites. Reproductive termites are the only ones to fully mature and develop eyes.
  • Surprisingly, ants target and kill termites. However, replacing one with the other is not recommended.
  • Termites have been around for nearly two hundred and fifty years. Suffice to say, they’re not going anywhere soon.
  • Termites cannot actually eat and digest wood. Instead, there is a singular cell organism inside of their gusts, which digest the wood.


Now, termites might be fascinating critters, but they’re downright dangerous and destructive. They’re not necessarily harmful to human beings, but they’re immensely dangerous to your wallet and home! They won’t bite humans, but they’ll cause damage in other ways. Their destructive behavior will be explored in greater depth below.


  • A single colony of termites can consume up to 16 grams of food each day. That puts their yearly total up to nearly 13 pounds on average! Just imagine losing 13 pounds of wood each and every year. Within a short matter of time, your home’s structure will be greatly damage.
  • Although the process is long winded, termites can cause buildings to collapse. Still, taking care of the problem as quickly as possible is highly recommended. By finding the best termite treatment provider in Houston, you’ll be able to do just that and also prevent further damage.
  • Termites are capable of concealing themselves fully. They’re capable hiding away for extensive period of time. This can make DIY termite treatments somewhat ineffective and unreliable. Although the treatment might’ve been effective, you’ll really never know, because the termites could just be hidden away. This is why it is best to utilize a professional exterminator’s services.
  • Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to identify a termite infestation. This is why it is often wise to utilize the services of a termite inspection company in Houston. Our group will be able to identify the bugs with certainty. However, if you wish to try and identify them on your own, you should look for their nests, which look similar to mud tubes.
  • To make matters even worse, there is no 100% effective way to prevent termites. However, there are a few ways to diminish the probability of an infestation. Make sure your home’s cracks are all filled, so the bugs cannot get inside. Also, if you’re going to stack wood outside of the home, you should move the wood a good distance away from your home.


Termites can be very destructive and downright frightening. The sheer thought of termites tearing through your home’s structure should be enough to give you concern. With this in mind, you will want to familiarize yourself with our company. We are truly the best termite inspection group in all of Houston and we’ll be able to help you eliminate these bugs and prevent further damage to your home.


We Offer The Best Termite Treatment Solutions In Houston Texas!


Over the years, our team of experts has gone to war with termites throughout the great state of Texas. Although some of the battles were hotly contested, we came out victorious each and every time. Our experts are thoroughly trained and they will not stop until each and every client’s home is completely free of termites. Below, you’ll learn about the enormous benefits of using our services.


  • Our technicians are thoroughly trained and taught to be very respectful. During their visit, you’ll be greeted with a smile and your home will be left in the same condition, as it was previously. The only difference is the fact that those pesky termites will be gone!
  • Our company goes above and beyond to utilize treatment options, which are safe and effective. We would not want to expose our family members to potentially dangerous substances and will provide you with the same peace of mind.
  • The techniques we utilize are capable of delivering rapid results. This helps to eradicate the bugs quickly, so your home suffers less damage.
  • During our stay and throughout the treatment process, your neighbors will never know why we’re there. Our services are carried out covertly, so you can maintain your secret.
  • When compared to some of the other termite exterminators in Houston, our prices may seem a little higher. There is a good reasoning behind this. Our techniques work and they work quickly. We truly believe our effectiveness, response time, and reliability is truly worth the additional cost.


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Do you believe your home could be infested with termites? This is not a problem that can be put off! Stop stewing on the question and take action, before it is too late! Remember that waiting another day will result in another day’s worth of damage. Therefore, it is time to pick up that phone and give us a call.


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